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  • ISBN: 9780007256297.
  • Editorial: HARPERCOLLINS PUB..
  • Páginas: 559.
  • Duración: 7 horas con 1 minuto (279.5 MB).
  • Incluye un resumen escrito de 66 páginas.
  • Duración del resumen (audio): 50 minutos (33 MB).
  • Idioma: Audio en español (Lector humano) y español latino neutro (Hombre senior).
  • Fecha creación del audiolibro: 26 de Junio de 2016
  • Encuadernación del libro físico: Tapa Blanda Bolsillo.
  • Género/Colección: Novela Negra.
  • Fecha publicación del libro original: 19 de Mayo del 2008.
  • Idioma del libro físico: Inglés.
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  • Valoración del audiolibro: 3.8 (Máx 5), con 98 votos.
  • Descripción: Joe DeMarco is back and the corridors of power have never felt so deadly! First a bomb attack on the Baltimore Harbour tunnel is averted. Then a young American Muslim is shot down in a Cessna plane whilst trying to drive it into The Whitehouse. What follows is chaos as a ruthless senator tries to pass a xenophobic law that will see non-citizen Muslims deported and extensive background checks on all Muslims living in the US carried out immediately. Speaker of the house John Mahoney wants nothing to do with the bill being pushed through. He knows all to well what trouble a law like that could stir up, and what’s worse he knows the kid who tried to crash the plane into the White House. Enter Joe DeMarco, a man with a shady past, a lawyer who has never practised law. He’s charged with investigating the attacks but there’s a twist to the attempted mass destruction, something the FBI didn’t even see, and suddenly at every turn DeMarco faces a new and terrifying danger!
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